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The Quell

Lifting the Mask

We assisted the Quell Foundation in their mission to remove the stigma around mental health with evocative and inventive branding that emphasizes and celebrates their mission.


Quell website

What We Did

The Quell Foundation

We designed an intentional and impactful brand for the Quell Foundation that is carried through all creative, from documentaries to events like the Masquerade Ball.

Created overall brand look with typeface, color palette and standard brand material, as well as all the event materials for their annual Masquerade Ball since 2015.
Designed and developed the Quell website.
Produced two documentaries for the Quell Foundation, the most recent of which follows their 9/11 Ride of Hope.

Lift the Mask

Quell lifts the mask on mental health in this eye-opening documentary

Quell Shoe Heel
Quell Shoes
Masquerade ball program
Masquerade ball signage