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of health equity

  1. Here for women
    here for progress.

    FemTech and Consumer Innovation Summit
    June 7 – 8 | New York, NY

    We see positive change on the horizon. Women’s health has been overlooked and underserved for far too long. It’s time to bring those dark ages to an end. MODHealth is a female-led, female-driven agency illuminating women’s health from every angle with stories that are raw, revolutionary, and true.

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This is how the future feels

Your differentiation is what drives our data. Creating a unique human experience requires the combined power of science and scrutiny. We tap into emotional data to inform the journey from process to end product. Using applied neuroscience, we build cognitive maps of consumers in order to decode subconscious decision-making and make market-level predictions.


We Tell Stories the World Needs to Hear

Organon is devoted to expanding equitable access to health care for a widely underserved audience—the 3.9 billion women in this world. MOD partnered with Organon to create the “I See” film, a brand anthem capable of sparking conversation and opening eyes. Expressed through many faces and voices, our story tells women everywhere that positive change and greater access are on the horizon. In this film, we watch as the possibilities come to life through the hopeful eyes of a young girl whose imagination can take her anywhere she wants to go.

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